New Orchard CMS Screencasts!!!

I’ve finally completed my screen-cast “jump start” demonstration of the Orchard CMS. The four part series can be viewed on youtube:

I made these videos for two reasons. First, it is somewhat a sales-pitch for the work place. You know, try to get your employer hooked! Second, I wanted to give back to the community; I saw a need for a mid-level overview for technical types new to Orchard. After watching these videos, the uninitiated should quickly be able to understand most any subsequent documentation they encounter.

Speaking of which, I want to take this time to indicate what I think are the best pieces of documentation available for Orchard. Obviously the Orchard site official documentation is a primary place to get started. However, for technical types, there are two other sources that I can’t recommend highly enough:

After watching my screencasts, be sure to immerse yourself in the above links. And speaking of my screencasts…

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny.

Funny: Sometime after I made the material for part 1, I noticed that my demo restaurant “Cowboy Ciao,” was misspelled. It is a real restaurant, which I highly recommend, in downtown Scottsdale. But the demo incorrectly captured its name as “Cowbory Ciao.” I keep picturing Jackie Chan helping me with pronunciation. I quietly fixed this typo in the later videos. Adding insult to injury, I stated in the video that it is in downtown Phoenix, rather than Scottsdale. I hope I don’t get sued for being geographically challenged.

Bad: My videos are based on Orchard 1.3.10, and I released them precisely when Orchard 1.4.0 was released. DOH! The good news is that I don’t believe 1.4.0 changed anything about what I had demonstrated in the videos.

Good: Another coincidence. I demonstrated how to use rule-tokens in the context of comments notification, and at the same time Bertrand blogged comment related tokens in greater depth. A nice one-two punch.

Good: While I was making the demo for comment notification rules, I found a bug which the Orchard team dispatched effortlessly. Orchard 1.4.0 was given the fix just before its release date, and I think 1.3.10 may have been given it as well.

Ok, enough talk. Get thee to youtube, watch my videos, and get to know Orchard!

  • Jason Palmer

    cool, i found you via youtube, am playing with orchard 1.5 at the moment

    • Brent Arias

      I’m now playing with Orchard 1.5.1, using GIT to push it into a (technology preview) Azure web-site.  Fun!

  • Michael Roesler

    Just want to thank you for an excellent crash course for a CMS newbie! Been going through a lot of different .net cms tutorials, and because of your videos i’m going for Orchard. Keep up the good work and the awesome videos! 😀

    • Brent Arias

      You are most welcome.  I’m glad the videos helped. :)

  • Scott Willis

    Like your work. Thanks for posting these. I too have been looking at various .net CMSs and your work definitely fills in some gaps.

  • Wasim

    Sir I just want to thanks you have thought me the CMS in the best way it was very easy to follow i hope you will keep on producing same type of great stuff. Simple Easy and Best